List Of Car Insurance Companies

List Of Car Insurance Companies - About car insurance companies, this is information for you.

Choosing an auto insurance company is a huge financial decision we all have to make at some time or another.
If you’re fortunate enough to sign on with a reputable, helping company, then you’re in luck.
Selecting a good auto insurance company gives you peace of mind,
so if you are in accident, you know you are in good hands.

You want to be able to know that if you make a claim, you won’t have to worry that it won’t be accepted.
You don’t want to find out too late that your car insurance company isn’t reliable.
list of car insurance companies
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List Of Car Insurance Companies

About get car insurance companies, not everyone is so lucky.
Far too often people will get car insurance without doing research on the company they choose to work with.

They just go with the cheapest, the most convenient, or even go through a friend.
only to find out that they should have done their research.

Okay, this is list of car insurance companies. top and best and trust.
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1. Liberty Mutual

Liberty mutual on list of car insurance companies.
Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual Insurance insures more than 1.5 million vehicles and has some of the top customer service ratings.

2. Allstate Insurance

Next number two from list of car insurance companies is Allstate.
This is information about Allstate Insurance from
One never really knows how good his or her insurance provider is until disaster strikes.
I was broadsided by an SUV that ran a red light.
The other driver did not have insurance, and both my wife and I went to the hospital.
Allstate's response was compassionate and swift.
A few days later all bills were paid.
My rates did go up, but the rate hike was well worth the peace of mind I felt. I am sticking with Allstate.


USAA is on the list of car insurance companies.

Information from is:
Customers of USAA originally decided to purchase from the company for these reasons:
29% The insurer was recommended by a friend.
26% The insurer's reputation.
10% The insurer offered the best price.
9% Other reason.
9% Was the company their parents had.
6% Financial stability.
5% Ease of use.
3% Had other insurance with this company.
3% Saw a commercial.
USAA insurance is Best Auto Insurance Companies 2017

4. Auto-Owners Insurance

Next list of car insurance companies is Auto-Owners Insurance.

While Auto-Owners Insurance keeps a fairly low profile, they receive extremely high marks across the board. In fact, J.D. 
Power awarded Auto-Owners Insurance the highest rating in their 2015 Auto Claims Study, with a 5/5 in every category except for rental car experience. 
That puts Auto-Owners Insurance ahead of the pack in terms of overall customer satisfaction whenever a claim is filed.

5. Progressive Insurance Group

With 94 percent, Progressive received one of the highest renewal scores of the survey. 
The universal insurer also received an outstanding 4.75 stars for claim processing. 
Customer service received 4.5 stars, and value for price earned 4.25. 
Eighty-eight percent of surveyed policyholders said they would recommend Progressive to another.

By Progressive Insurance grup is the best list of car insurance companies.

6. State Farm

Progressive Insurance is known for its constant barrage of advertisements, 
but they also have a solid base of customers who seem quite happy with their products. 
Although they didn’t receive the best marks possible from J.D. Power’s 2015 Claims Study,
 they come in extremely competitive when it comes to pricing.

7. The Hartford

Best list of car insurance companies 2017 The Hartford.

The Hartford grabbed the last spot in the 90s with an overall score of 90.2. 
The Hartford earned 4.5 stars across the board for value for price, 
customer service and claims processing. 

The insurer’s consistency is clearly appreciated by its members, as 91 percent expect to renew their policy and 88 percent would recommend the company.

This is rating list of car insurance companies from

Rank Company/Group 2013 Direct Premiums Written ($) Market share %
1 State Farm Group 33,611,001 18.48
2 Berkshire Hathaway Insurance 18,622,626 10.24
3 Allstate Insurance Group 18,067,452 9.93
4 Progressive Insurance Group 15,373,142 8.45
5 Farmers Insurance Group 9,880,905 5.43
6 USAA Group 9,167,242 5.04
7 Liberty Mutual Insurance Cos. 9,036,455 4.97
8 Nationwide Group 7,279,835 4.00
9 American Family Insurance Group 3,441,682 1.89
10 Travelers Group 3,178,692 1.75
11 Hartford Insurance Group 2,350,105 1.29
12 Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group 2,246,087 1.23
13 Erie Insurance Group 2,219,541 1.22
14 MetLife Personal Lines Group 2,207,198 1.21
15 Mercury General Group 2,134,485 1.17
16 CSAA Insurance Group 2,007,160 1.10
17 Auto-Owners Insurance Group 1,778,653 0.98
18 Auto Club Group 1,570,344 0.86
19 MAPFRE North America Group 1,517,680 0.83
20 National General Group 1,278,241 0.70
21 Infinity P&C Group 1,254,502 0.69
22 Amica Mutual Group 1,082,306 0.60
23 COUNTRY Financial PC Group 969,705 0.53
24 The Hanover Insurance Group Property & Casualty Cos. 963,371 0.53
25 NJM Insurance Group 943,938 0.52
Source: A.M. Best. Market share rankings are based on direct premiums written in 2013.

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